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Sofa Cushion Replacement

Give your old furniture a new life with high-density cushion replacement. 100% customer satisfaction

RVs and Campervan Upholstery

Transform the interior look of RV & Campervan into a stylish living space with our upholstery services.

Alterations & Tailoring

We design & alter your clothing to fit your style. One-on-one consultation is available.

Custom Made Designs

We design your dresses to fit your personality. One-on-one consultation is available.

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129 1020 Mainland street, Vancouver.BC.V6B2T5

Retail and Wholesale - Customer Service


Sewing Services

#129 1020 Mainland Street, Vancouver.BC.V6B 2T5

Alteration - Sewing Manufacturing - Custom Desing


Upholstery Service

129- 1020 Mainland Street, Vancouver.BC.V6B 2T5

Custom Furniture Upholstery-Replacing Foam & Cover

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