“We present you with high quality works, not a fancy and colourful words”


Xeno is a family business in Vancouver which is not just about Sewing and Tailoring, Xeno is looking broader and step beyond the concept of needle and thread to a world of art, creativity and imaginary. With Xeno Fashion, you feel a different experience of tailoring and sewing services. We provide you with high quality work, short time around, affordable and fair pricing.

One to One individual free consultation

Xeno Fashion Proudly serves many individuals and companies with sewing services in three following area:

  • Tailoring Alteration
  • Manufacturing and Sewing Contracts
  • Custom made dresses


If you are a company which looking for manufacturing and sewing contract, feel free to contact us at (604)600-5803 for details.


We are ECO Friendly!

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