Foam mattresses are durable, low-priced, and have hypoallergenic features. Xeno foam mattress with memory foam on top distributes the body weight evenly, and the pressure points are significantly reduced. Our foam mattress drastically reduced the tossing and turning that caused the poor sleep. The foam mattresses do not transfer the movement and noise which usually comes from spring mattresses. There is zero or less maintenance in foam mattresses than spring mattresses, which need to be rotated once every three months.

We consider both health and the environment because of our environmentally friendly materials. Our mattress covers are made of 100% Organic cotton or Bamboo fabrics.

We offer two sides of customized foam mattresses according to the customer’s preferences.


Why choose our Foam Mattresses?


  • Affordable pricing &locally manufactured in Vancouver, Canada
  • High-quality materials such as foam, fabric and thread
  • Three-side zipper cover, which is easy to remove
  • Organic cotton that is machine washable 
  • Durable and long-lasting mattresses
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Customize the mattress for your specific needs


1. Standard Foam Mattress:


This mattress is made of high-density base foam in different grades of firmness and with a 2-inch comfort layer, which is made of soft memory foam. It comes in different sizes with varying covers of 100% organic cotton, regular cotton and cotton/polyester fabrics.  This type of mattress. We also make the mattress with a separate base layer and Top Comfort Layer memory foam or a combination of both, according to your choice.

2. Promo Foam Mattress:


The engineering of this mattress is similar to that of a standard foam mattress, with a difference in the number of layers of toppers. The first is high-density foam as a base layer, and the second is Comfort Layer Memory Foam, which spreads out the pressure through the whole body and reduces spinal distortion.

3. Side Customized Promo Foam Mattress:


If you are a couple and your choice of bed is different, do not worry; we have an easy solution for you. We customize the side of your sleep with different types of foam firmness and memory foam.

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