Upgrade your furniture with Xeno's Custom Sofa Cushion Replacement Service.

Say goodbye to old and worn-out cushions and hello to personalized comfort and style.

Our process begins with a personalized consultation, where we work closely with you to design cushions that perfectly match your preferences. From selecting the size, shape, and fabric to crafting custom cushions tailored to your specifications, our dedicated team helps you to change the old foam cushion without replacing the entire furniture,


Two simple ways to get your order done.


1)         Visit our store with a sample of cushion cover or the dimensions of the cushion. One of our experts will help you with your order.

2)         Send us the dimensions and picture/s of the cushion you like to order to [email protected]. One of our experts will review your order, and then call/email you back with the next step.


Once you provide us with basic information such as Dimensions (Height, Length, and Width), our experts will provide detailed information about different types of fabrics and foams for your order. After your approval, we will start with your order to make it on time and of high quality.


We offer customized foam cushions with the high-quality material:


  • Patio Cushion Replacement
  • Chair cushion replacement. 
  • Window Seat Cushion Replacement
  • Outdoor Cushion Replacement
  • Furniture/sofa Cushion Replacement
  • Marine Cushion Replacement
  • Boats Cushion Replacement
  • V-berth Memory Mattress
  • Marine Foredeck Pad
  • Sofa Cushion Replacement
  • RV Cushion Replacement
  • Bench Seat Cushion Replacement
  • Wood Frame cushions

Foam & Mattesses

$15.00Serivce Start Price
  • Foam Mattresses
  • Foam Cut to Sizes
  • High-Quality Materials
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

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