Transform your fabric into fabulous creations with our skilled sewing contractors, turning your vision into reality with precision and expertise

Best Solution for the textile industry and sewing apparel

With more than 20 years of experience in sewing contracts, we specialize in working with large and small businesses with 100% quality work. We accept any type of sewing contract, such as work uniforms, school uniforms, apparel and clothing and many different sewing projects.

Please call us to discuss your sewing project and make a contract. One of our experts can discuss the details with you. The whole process of sewing manufacturing will be done right in Vancouver, Canada.

Our Services:

1-   Sample Sewing

2-   Porotype Sewing

3-   Pattern Drafting

4-   Contract Sewing

5-   Industrial Sewing

Why choose us?​

  • Comparative pricing. High-quality service accomplished by Canadian-based seamstress
  • Your firm will no longer be under stress and pressure due to delayed shipment, damaged orders, or the lack of the same quality work you expect.
  • Easy access to our office and fast communication
  • Eliminating hidden and extra costs as a result of far-distance trade and shipments
  • You can share to promote the Canadian economy, “your home economy," by encouraging inside manufacturing.
  • Environmentally friendly

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